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All Skyshards And Lore Books To Reach Rank 10 Mage’s Guild

Maps has been updated with every Skyshard and Lorebook. Have fun and we will see you on the Battlefield!

New Poll on Changes to Starter Areas

What is your opinion on ZeniMax changing the starting areas? Make your voices heard new poll on Mostly Harmless.Continue Reading

ShoddyCast Take on Changes

Take a look.Continue Reading

Elder Scrolls Online

We are working on some really nice updates in the coming weeks for the Skillbuilder and Wiki. If you haven’t seen this yet check out all the armor styles in both male and female! Wiki Armor StylesContinue Reading


We figured that we would go head and and open up the site We are confirming with ZOS on what all we can release.. This Site is a Mostly Harmless Guild Project. Everything you see here is purely volunteer work from our Members, if you have questions or wish to contribute check us out atContinue Reading

Just About Ready

Just finishing up a few last things…Continue Reading

Coming Soon….

Welcome to TESOTools, Skillbuilder, Maps, Wiki and Mods For The Elder Scrolls Online.  You can check out more Community based projects at Mostly Harmless GuildContinue Reading